Trolli says......

BASS, Pearl Jam, skunk, prose, pasta, excess,
Hitch Hikers Guide, Slipknot, northern lights,
pizza, narms, Taxi Driver, buddha, chilli,
left-wing anarchism, Khe_mist,
Jim Beam, purple, NIN, longboards
Morrison, surrealism,


He hides, blanketed by seclusion,

and the truth.

Goosebumps, and hot glass,……trembling.

The night sky and all that it has,

envelopes the mood,

blasphemous and proud;

like a freshly laid fog.

Desire is useless; foiled by the prey.

Pounding the chest of reason,

as the sun disappears,

and the demons come out,

to play. 


And broken,…..blunt.